100 Lafayette Circle

New two-story mixed use commercial building.


1001, 1007, and 1009 Oak Hill Rd

53 rental units, including six (6) below-market-rate units within one building; existing commercial building at 1009 Oak Hill Rd to remain.

210 Lafayette Circle

3-story mixed-use development with 12 residential units, including 2 below-market-rate units, with first-floor commercial.

3458 Mt. Diablo Blvd and 1005 2nd St.

9 multi-family rental units, including 1 below-market-rate unit, within two 3-story buildings.

942 Dewing Avenue

5 single-family and duplex dwelling units. 

950 Hough Avenue

4-Story multifamily building of 20 units, with 3 below-market-rate units.

Chestnut Townhomes

5 new townhomes in a 2-story building.

Lafayette Lane

166 multifamily residential units, including 38 below-market-rate rental units, in a total of five 4-story buildings.

Lafayette Park Terrace

18 condominium units, including 3 below-market-rate affordable housing units.

Lennar Homes ‘The Brant’

66-unit mixed use project, including 10 below-market-rate units and 5,400 sq.ft. of restaurant space.

Lenox Homes ‘SIX’

6 new for-sale condominiums.  

Madison Park

Redevelopment of a 4-story mixed-use building with 71 units, including 9 below-market-rate units.

Samantha Townhomes

12 New Townhomes, including 2 below-market-rate units.

Terraces of Lafayette

315 for-rent apartments, including 63 below-market-rate units affordable to lower income units (up to 80% AMI).

The Mill at Brown

13 new condominium units, including 2 below-market-rate units, within two 3-story buildings.

Town Center III

62 for-sale condominium units, including 7 below-market-rate units within a 4-story building over a 2-story parking garage.

Valley View

42 apartment units

West End

13 units, including 2 below-market-rate units, in a new 4-story multifamily dwelling.


56 residential for-sale condominium units and 18, offsite below-market-rate units.

Woodbury Highlands

99-unit condominium project, with 15 below-market-rate units.